Fairview Relief (Part 1)

Hello everybody today I am talking about the relief movement we are doing in Fairview.

Typhoon “Undoy” was not a very big typhoon to Manilan standards. But according to stats it RAINED 1 months worth of MANILAN RAIN in ONE day. Now the people in fairview are pretty well protected, But  the dams surrounding Quizon (which is the province fairview is in) where starting to show signs of breaking. So the Council: not wanting to have the dams break (which could have very likely wiped out all of Quizon.) Decided they would open the dams and release a little bit of the water…. Well that little bit happened to be quite a lot. And the “creek” in fairview, burst its banks. Destroying the surrounding area. A few thousand people lost their homes and a couple their lifes. But it was NOT THE COUNCILS FAULT. Because if they did not release the flood gates. ALL of Quizon AND fairview would have been destroyed.

But anyway after the typhoon, Mark was approached by some of the AOG churches in Australia and they asked if we would appreciate if they collected some money. For a relief effort. Mark said yes and so they started collecting money. And we started figuring out what we would give as a relief package and where we would give it.

Seeing that Fairview was in such a plight. We decided to set up shop there. The packages we would be giving out would include: Money, Sacks of Rice, Cooking equipment, Student start again money, and Blankets, pillows and such. So it was and still is a fair bit to give out. And for 100 hundred families that is a lot of stuff.

Now for the first couple of handouts. I didn’t get to go, but eventually I did go.This day we where handing out the cooking equipment and sleeping equipment. I wont bore you with the details. I’ll just say two hours later we where finished. And we celebrated with Jollibee.

But anyway occasionly we did have a few problems like: Because we only where doing a hundred people. The REST of the people thought it wasn’t fair. But after explaining to them the situation. They appeared satiated and left. So……. they didn’t get to use their pitchforks. But I dont think they care. Any way it is still going good and I think that we are really touching people. Like the man I will talk about in Part 2. But first here are some pictures.

Annie with the Huge pile of Dish racks and Water Jugs

ONE of the piles of Washing "Buckets" and cutlery

A pile of tin pots

Pastor Marco and Marevick with the complete week relief kit

A lady with her complete package

The Tricycle that we used to carry the packs

All right be ready for the second post coming soon

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