Blog Kickstart: The 2010 Special Olympics, Adelaide

Hello everyone Joshua here and welcome back to my blog. Without further ado we shall start.

On the saturday night before Anzac Day, our band was asked by the Police Department, to be part of the 2010 Special Olympics Closing Ceremony. It was held in the “Distinctive Homes Dome.” Our job as a Pipe Band, was to march the different teams out at the end of the ceremony. When it was time to start and we walked out of our room. All I could see was hundreds of kids and adults, all with mental disabilites, dancing and having fun. Awesome. 🙂

When we marched them out of the dome. They were yelling, shouting, dancing and having all kinds of fun. You couldn’t help but smile when you saw this. So with the bang of a drum we sent them home buzzing with happiness.

The Flame in The Closing Ceremony

But here is the really cool part. At that Ceremony there was at least one hundred volunteers. One hundred volunteers who had all taken time off of work to come and make mentally disabled people happy. For no pay. Isn’t that awesome!!!! Nothing beats a good bit of servantship. Which is why I’m glad to say we didn’t do that job for money. Because that makes us a servant to.

Volunteer helping a boy.Volunteer Helping a Boy

It reminds me of how my family once every three or four months. Travels up to the Barossa and puts on a show for the old folks home. The people there love it and our family loves it as well. But to me that is just a way to say thankyou to the people who paved the way for our generation. A chance to serve them where I otherwise could not. To be a servant is an awesome feeling. Anyway here are some pictures from the Special Olympics.

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