About Yours Truly


I am a true born warrior of Christ. (Soon to be on duty in the Phillipines)

Young willing person who will try anything you throw at him.

I love to play the drums,piano,bass and the side drum (see below)

and I have also tried out the guitar, tin whistle and the tenor drum. (they are works in progress 🙂

I like to read….. and read……. and read. (what you ask…… err The Door Within Trilogy, Kingdom Series,The Narnia Series, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, Redwall Series and The Left Behind Series.

My Favourite music varies because I like to listen to most soundtracks but I like…. Harry Gregson Williams, James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman, Trevor Rabin,  Howard Shore, David Nevue, Andy Mckee and Falling Up.

Now my Hobbies are…… Pipe Drumming(once again see below), Producing scores for the Pipes band, “trying” to write and produce music. Story writing, Poetry writing and to some extent Producing maps for Cube 2 ( a free fps game)

Now (this is where you see below)

I travel down the road every Thursday to the nearby Barracks. There I practice with our pipe band  as a sidrummer, learning many new scores and Reviewing many other ones.

A couple of years ago they went to the Edinburgh Millitary Tattoo……


and recently our band has been to Moscow to perform in their FIRST ever Millitary Tattoo, The Kremlin Zoria.



We also played in the Andre Rieu concert that happened last November.

They are also right now in Basel, Switzerland playing for the Millitary Tattoo there.

And later on next year we will be going to Edinburgh for the Millitary Tattoo.

Yes we are having fun and I cant wait to see what’s next.


One Response to About Yours Truly

  1. battleking says:

    I Love your Blog its a lot more medieval 😦 oh well I try 😛 I Like the first part the most though

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