Victorian Team

Victorian Team

Hello again,

My apologies before-hand, this blog will be a fairly short one. I never got to spend a lot of time with the Victorian Team. Because I was sick for part of their stay in Manila. ANd I also have limited pictures.

But any way, the I got better. We went building and Gasangan shelter was the finished product. I think it’s amazing what you can do with 4 pieces of tin and 10 pieces of coconut wood. Hehe it took us 3 quarters of the day to finish. But the finished product was awesome.
But to get to the finished product…. Well it took some sweat. First we had to dig rather deep holes. With our hands, sticks, knifes and pieces of wood. Which we then sunk four poles into. This was the basic shape of the structure. Then we hammered on four pieces of bracing wood and slowly began to build the rest of the frame. 6 hours later the frame was finished and the phillipinos where putting the tin on the roof.
But then we had to stop for lunch so we left to get our food, and some of the Phillipinos stayed behind to finish the rest of the roof. When we came back the entire thing was nearly finished. So after banging about fifty sharp ends of the nails we had finished.

I will provide pictures of the shelter. But I will have to go there and take the pictures. So expect the pictures on Thursday.

Cheers 🙂

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One Response to Victorian Team

  1. Ben says:

    Hey Josh
    Just been reading a bit about your life in the Phillipines. WOW! I’m sure it’s a life changer for you and your family. No spades to dig the postholes with?!? I’m ashamed to say, I can hardly imagine what that must be like. Not just digging holes with hands and knives, but not having bits and pieces we take for granted here in the west (Aussieland).
    I thank God that I was able to be a part of your life those years ago, and I count it a privilege to know the Troup family. You’re not your average family… but I believe that to be a good thing… a God thing!! Something to be proud of!!! And I am very proud of you. That you have chosen to walk a path that many have shied away from, that you are embracing the culture over there instead of kicking against the goads, and that (so it seems) you are allowing the Creastor of the universe to shape you into the man He intends you to be.
    Go for it Josh!! I hope our paths cross on the not to distant future…

    God Bless
    Ben Matson

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