Ratatouie Made Real

A couple days ago I was watching Ratatouie with my family. It’s a Disney movie made in the traditional morals and ethics that Walt Disney (the company’s founder) would have loved. It’s a story about a rat who inspires to be a cook.

Basically, without spoiling too much, Reme (the rat) becomes a great cook and lives happily ever after. But it wasn’t this that amazed, but rather the meaning that this movie implied.

(quoted by Anton Ego, a food critique from the movie.)
‘Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.’

How cool is that!!!
It reminded me of a book my dad bought. It was about a fifteen year old proffesional artist. Her name was Akian……


Her parents were fully atheist. THey refused to have anything to do with God. But suddenly at the age of 4. She came to her parents and said that she had met God, had visited heaven and he was teaching her how to paint.

She then began to paint. Her paintings were so amazing that her parents became believers, because they saw that she was telling the truth and were amazed by God’s power. Painting after painting came and she soon became nationaly then internationaly recognized. At fifteen her paintings have been placed ib some of the greatest museums and art galleries. The Smithsonian Institute to name one…..

Why do I tell you this…. because she started out as no one important. Her parents were atheists of all things. Yet God began to use her in ways she and we….. never thought possible. All of you have different kinds of gifts. Music, Poetry, Art, Public Speaking, helping people even. You may not even know what your gift is.

But God has given each of us the choice to serve and honour him with whatever we DO have. And if we honour him he will honour us. That is what Akiane, Mozart, Bach, Ronan Hardiman and (even) Reme the rat have in common with us. If we give God the gifts he has given us, God will give them back to you tenfold. And will honour you for praising him with your God Given Gift.

Thanks Ratatouie and Akiane and of course you too God… You did teach us something today.

Age 8

Age 9

Age 11


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One Response to Ratatouie Made Real

  1. Cathy says:

    Absolutely Josh…….we need to find where we fit then do it well and not worry about what they say! Love your insight and inspiring writing! Ma

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