Childrens Church and Children (Part 2)

Ah yes continuing Children’s Church……

The Childrens Church the pictures all show is in at Place called Aplaya. Which is about ten minutes walk from our house (Pastor Mark and Chris’ house). The kids there all live in weatherbeaten-scraps of tin, wood and tarpaulin- houses. So when we show up with our cool songs, funny games and (of course) the prizes; the kids show up in a pack. Ready   for fun……. Cool 🙂

The role I play in the meetings is varies. From doing a short object lesson to Dancing around like a nut with the kids. From judging the colouring competition to…… gaurding the door.  Yes I do a fair bit in these ‘Parties.’

Oh the running goes as follows.

First Praise and Worship (usually Hillsong Kids songs led by three people doing actions).

Followed by testimony time (some of these kids have amazing testimonies).

Then it’s on to Lesson intro (usually a short story or object lesson).

Object Lesson (uh….. yeah).

The Actual Lesson (yep this is usually about God’s Love, justness or forgiveness).

Possibly a second object lesson (yep).

Then the summary. (hmm)

Closing Prayer. (done by a John 14:12 youth)

Finally the Colouring competition.

That is a typical service. Good fun for us youth and awesome fun for the kids.


There will be some pictures. I have to take them this Sunday so hang tight till then.


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One Response to Childrens Church and Children (Part 2)

  1. Nan & Gramps says:

    Joshy..we are in awe of you and your gift of poetry. When you get back I have a great book of poems by this elderly gent we met in Miles. He goes there once a month to start up his very old Chevvy. I managed to scounge a ride with him, then an hours chat while nan waited patiently. Where does the gift of poetry come from…certainly not nan and gramps…must be God!!!
    Love and miss you…see you at the airport

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